Inconsistent definitions of GDP: Implications for estimates of decoupling

Gregor Semieniuk

Ecological Economics, vol. 215, 2024, p. 108000

Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024

Mercedes Bustamante, Joyashree Roy, Daniel Ospina, Ploy Achakulwisut, Anubha Aggarwal, Ana Bastos, Wendy Broadgate, Josep G. Canadell, Edward R. Carr, Deliang Chen, et al.

Global Sustainability, Cambridge University Press, 2023, pp. 1–58

Technical comment on “Fairness considerations in global mitigation investments”

Gregor Semieniuk, Jayati Ghosh, Nancy Folbre

Science, vol. 380(6646), 2023

Potential pension fund losses should not deter high-income countries from bold climate action

Gregor Semieniuk, Lucas Chancel, Eulalie Saïsset, Philip B. Holden, Jean-Francois Mercure, Neil R. Edwards

Joule, vol. 7(7), 2023, pp. 1383-1387

Industrial policies and the competition for low-carbon manufacturing

Gregor Semieniuk

Joule, vol. 6(4), 2022, pp. 713-715

Stranded fossil-fuel assets translate to major losses for investors in advanced economies

Gregor Semieniuk, Philip B Holden, Jean-Francois Mercure, Pablo Salas, Hector Pollitt, Katharine Jobson, Pim Vercoulen, Unnada Chewpreecha, Neil R Edwards, Jorge E Vinuales

Nature Climate Change, vol. 12, 2022, pp. 532-538

Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: A review of the evidence and its implications

Paul E. Brockway, Steve Sorrell, Gregor Semieniuk, Matthew Kuperus Heun, Victor Court

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 141, 2021, p. 110781

Reframing incentives for climate policy action

Jean-Francois Mercure, Pablo Salas Bravo, Pim Vercoulen, Gregor Semieniuk, Aileen Lam, Hector Pollitt, Philip Holden, Negar Vakilifard, Unnada Chewpreecha, Neil Edwards, Jorge Viuales

Nature Energy, vol. 6, 2021, pp. 1133–1143

Low-carbon transition risks for finance

Gregor Semieniuk, Emanuele Campiglio, Jean-Francois Mercure, Ulrich Volz, Neil R. Edwards

WIREs Climate Change, vol. 12, 2021, pp. e678

Plausible energy demand patterns in a growing global economy with climate policy

Gregor Semieniuk, Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai, Duncan K. Foley

Nature Climate Change, vol. 11, 2021, pp. 313-318

Do energy efficient firms have better access to finance?

Philipp Bastian Brutscher, Pauline Ravillard, Gregor Semieniuk

Energy Journal, vol. 42, 2020, pp. 171--198

Neither crowding in nor out: Public direct investment mobilising private investment into renewable electricity projects

Matteo Deleidi, Mariana Mazzucato, Gregor Semieniuk

Energy Policy, vol. 140, 2020, p. 111195

Inequality in Energy Consumption : Statistical Equilibrium or a Question of Accounting Conventions?

Gregor Semieniuk, Isabella Weber

European Physical Journal Special Topics, vol. 229, 2020, pp. 1705-1714

Historical evolution of global inequality in carbon emissions and footprints versus redistributive scenarios

Gregor Semieniuk, Victor M. Yakovenko

Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 264, 2020, p. 121420

American Radical Economists in Mao's China: From Hopes to Disillusionment

Isabella Maria Weber, Gregor Semieniuk

Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Including A Symposium on 50 Years of the Union for Radical Political Economics, 37A, Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019 Jan, pp. 31--63

Financing renewable energy: Who is financing what and why it matters

Mariana Mazzucato, Gregor Semieniuk

Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 127, 2018, pp. 8-22

A Statistical Equilibrium Approach to the Distribution of Profit Rates

Ellis Scharfenaker, Gregor Semieniuk

Metroeconomica, vol. 68, 2017, pp. 465--499

Piketty’s Elasticity of Substitution: A Critique

Gregor Semieniuk

Review of Political Economy, vol. 29, Routledge, 2017, pp. 64-79

Public financing of innovation: new questions

Mariana Mazzucato, Gregor Semieniuk

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol. 33, 2017 Feb, pp. 24-48

A Mixture Model for Filtering Firms' Profit Rates

Ellis Scharfenaker, Gregor Semieniuk

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Sylvia Fruehwirth-Schnatter, Angela Bitto, Gregor Kastner, Alexandra Posekany, Bayesian Statistics from Methods to Models and Applications, vol. 126, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2015, pp. 153-164


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